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Schlaich Family Formal Music Session {Cheney}

This session was so different from the sessions you've probably seen me posting lately but I absolutely love how it turned out!  When Heather asked me to do something different for her family this year and told me this idea I was so excited!  One reason for this set is the personal story that the formal music backdrop for the pictures actually represents.  Heather and Sam met in this very music program at Eastern and music is a huge part of their family.  I always strive to portray a family's story and for an idea like this, that part of the job is so easy!  

I have been working with David and Abigail since before Abigail was even born and getting to see their sibling bond form into the most adorable relationship is priceless.  I know as a mom I want to be able to capture all of those sweet and silly moments between my boys and I love some of the precious ways they showed their love for each other during my time with them.  Formal family sessions are definitely going to go on the top of my list and this one just begged for a lot of black and white edits, especially with that gorgeous grand piano!

The Hinckley Family Lake Session {Alta Lake}

This year I’ve had so many families that I’ve seen in past years and that adds so much to the experience because I always have some ideas of what the kids are interested in and a better idea of what it means to truly capture their personalities.  The Hinckley family and I have done had several sessions over the years and every time it just gets better and better.  This day started with the weather looking perfect, and then suddenly from out of the blue there was a small storm that decided to blow up right in our location.  Some families might have been deterred but when you have four boys I’m pretty sure that basically means you always come equipped for anything!  The boys may have taken a little coaxing to come out of their shell in the whipping wind and rain but before long they were helping me find all kinds of things we could use for them to jump off and adventure through.  

On another note, it might be more common to “photoshop” things like a little guy’s hair blowing in the wind but I really adore those type of shots because it shows just how soft and feathery that little hair is, so I tend to save any photoshop for anything that detracts from the feeling of the picture rather than just adding to the reality of the moment.

Ashley & Zack's Autumn Engagement Session {Spokane}

It’s not every engagement session that I have a gorgeous couple to work with AND the most beautiful little girl!  I can’t wait to tell you more of this incredible couple’s love story when I share their wedding blog in just over a week, but know, you’re going to want to hear it!  This location is one of my favorites to visit because it never disappoints with its stunning color and varied textures so I was thrilled when Ashley and Zack were up for this place.  At the beginning of our conversations, the engagement session wasn’t a huge priority because they were just excited about the wedding and while I totally understand that it’s not for everyone, I also want to take every opportunity to build relationships with the couples that I get to work with and make sure that I’m able to capture their vision for their wedding day.  Plus, one of my secrets to great pictures with littles is to spend as much time with them as possible so I knew if I got to spend some time with Scarlett, there is a lot better chance that on wedding day we’re just going to have a blast together!  

Lyman Family Orchard Session {Manson}

I know everyone always says that kids grow up fast and from personal experience I can definitely attest to that, but it’s always surprising to me just how different a family can be in a short amount of time.  The last time I was able to work with the Lyman family was when their youngest was a newborn and we were celebrating her arrival!  She was the easiest newborn and may have set the record for the fastest I have ever completed a session for a newborn because she barely made a peep the whole time!  Fast forward to this fall and she is so big and running all around and definitely had an opinion on when she was interested in pictures and when she was more content to just snuggle with her mama, (which are honestly some of my favorite shots of the day).  Getting to watch a family grow and change in front of my lens is one of the reasons I’m passionate about this work.  

Today is the youngest your kids will ever be and they just don’t stop growing so even if it’s a lot of work to get to a photo shoot and plan it all out, it’s always going to be worth it in the long run.  And even if things don’t go as planned, that’s just part of the story and something that you can talk about for years to come! A tip that this family knows well is to make sure there is a special event after the pictures so it’s not just immediate bribery, (although that works sometimes too ;)).  The kids were so excited to pick out their favorite ice cream after the session and that may be all the motivation they need to decide family pictures are exciting, not only for the moment but also for the family time afterwards.