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Madelyn's Newborn Session {Brewster}

 I always love working with newborns but in this season I think it's been even better than normal.  I was able to meet Madelyn a couple weeks ago and she was the most adorable tiny girl.  My son, Roman took one look at her and said, "Tiny! Cute!" and that's basically the best way to describe her little personality!  I always say that I get my girl fix when I get to work with newborns and it's so true, since I have get to use all the sweet little headbands and wraps that I love!  I have been working with the Reyes family since Gracie was born and I have loved every session with them even more than the one before!  Gracie wasn't so sure about doing pictures with her sister but even though she was more excited to play, we still captured some of the sweetness that I know will only grow between these two sisters.

Teresa & German's Spring River Maternity Session {Brewster}

 I love any excuse to dress up and when I saw Teresa get out of the car I knew it was going to be the perfect night! When the reason to find a fancy dress is to celebrate a new baby getting ready to enter the world it's twice the excitement!  Teresa and German are preparing for a sweet little girl and we had the best night adventuring around by the water.  

I'm pretty sure I got way more excited than anyone else when I saw some pussy willow sprigs (at least that's what they looked like!) by the road and made Teresa jump down into the ditch to use them and just like I hoped they add some sparkly magic to the session.  Even though technically this may not actually be spring, we are pretty close so I'm going to count this as my first spring session. It perfectly fits the new life and soft colors that are so delightful after a winter of seemingly lifeless brown things.  And to top off the session I even convinced her to jump in the river...literally!  The sunset hours combined with water just may be the best combination.

The Reyes Family River Maternity Session {Brewster}

 Maternity sessions are so enjoyable for me and I love being able to celebrate the creation of new life that miraculously happens during pregnancy.  Since I'm also pregnant myself, I also know how hard it can feel to even want to do pictures sometimes because your body goes through quite a lot and those extra hormones can make it a struggle to feel great about yourself sometimes so when someone trusts me to capture that amazing time, my intent is always to help you see the incredibly beautiful way you should see yourself!

When Caley asked me to do this session with her little family I was thrilled since Gracie and I have been working together since she was a newborn!  Every time I get the chance to work with little ones another time it adds to their experience of what a photography session is like and also how much fun they can have.  She immediately took my hand when we got to the location and we were off!  Moments like that are when I know that I'm doing what I was created to do.  It's not just a job, it's my passion.

Juan and Caley have the most authentic smiles when they are with each other and easily laugh and chat together the whole time which I just love!  I think this mama is glowing!

The Bergeson Family Lake Chelan Session {Chelan}

 Calvin just turned one and I was able to help with the celebration of his first year by doing some family and birthday pictures!  These colors are making me very excited for spring!  I can't believe this was actually in February!  Some of the moments I am sharing today are ones that may not be the ones  you hang on the wall but I just adore the in between moments when mom is trying to put on a hat or get him ready for the next moment!  This family has been great to spend time with in the last year and Kyle loves that he has some Vikings fans around this area to commiserate with. ;)  Keri is one of the best pediatricians in our area (THE best in my opinion) so if you are local and looking, we highly recommend her!  And I'm a research mom who needs information on everything and asks a million questions, so if she can handle all that you know she's great! :)